Man with knife robs McDonald’s in southeast Wichita

A man armed with a knife robbed a busy McDonald’s in southeast Wichita Thursday night, police said.

The robbery occurred at 1645 S. Webb, or Harry and Webb, at 9:50 p.m., Lt. Doug Nolte said. The man came in, confronted an employee at a cash register and demanded money. The clerk pretended to open the cash drawer but didn’t actually open it, Nolte said.

The robber became frustrated at the stalling tactics and went around the counter to the back, Nolte said. There, he confronted a second employee next to an open safe.

He received a small amount of cash before leaving through the door on the northwest side of the building. Evidence indicates he crawled over a brick wall behind the restaurant, Nolte said.

Witnesses described him as an unknown black man in his late 30s or early 40s. He is 5-foot-9 and 180 pounds. He was wearing a black shirt, black and red pajama pants, a green and blue skull hat and a goatee.