Child advocates seek restoration of tax credit

Kansas State Capitol, Statehouse, Capitol Dome Topeka
Kansas State Capitol, Statehouse, Capitol Dome Topeka File photo

Child advocates from across the state plan to ask state lawmakers Wednesday to restore the child and dependent care tax credit that Gov. Sam Brownback eliminated when he approved income tax cuts last year.

The credit, claimed by nearly 72,000 people, helps guardians who are responsible for children, people with disabilities in their home or spouses.

The advocates’ lobbying effort is being coordinated by the Kansas Coalition for School Readiness, and it will involve advocates from 24 counties meeting with lawmakers about the tax credit and funding for early childhood education.

Democrats in the House tried to restore the credit by amending some technical changes to the tax bill last week, but the effort failed on an 88-30 vote.

Senate Democrats plan try a similar amendment later this week when the technical changes bill is debated.