Senate panel delays debate on Gov. Brownback’s tax plan

A Senate panel isn’t quite ready to debate and vote on Gov. Sam Brownback’s tax-cutting proposal.

Wichita Republican Sen. Les Donovan called off plans to debate the controversial plan Tuesday. He said some fellow Republicans are working on ways to alter the governor’s plan and that a clerical error giving notice of the Senate Assessment and Taxation Committee’s intent to work the bill required it to delay action.

“There are still a lot of parts that aren’t bolted down,” Donovan said of Brownback’s tax plan.

Republicans have been struggling with the proposal because it calls for the extension of a temporary sales tax hike and the elimination of popular mortgage interest and real estate property tax deductions.

Brownback’s administration has said that lowering individual income tax rates would more than make up for the lost deductions. But some Republicans are worried about voting to extend the sales tax increase and about how the loss of the deductions could affect that housing market.

Donovan said the tax panel will likely debate and vote on Brownback’s plan next week.