Snow a rarity in Wichita area this winter, but it’s still possible

As winter enters its homestretch with the arrival of February, people around Wichita could be asking themselves a question.

“Where’s the snow?”

It may seem to many that it hasn’t snowed at all, but that’s not true. Officially, 3.3 inches of snow have been recorded at the Wichita branch of the National Weather Service.

That doesn’t even rank in the Top 25 for snow droughts in Wichita through Jan. 31, meteorologist Andy Kleinsasser said.

Nevertheless, it’s well below the average seasonal snowfall for this point in winter, which is 9.2 inches.

And it’s not likely to climb soon.

Temperatures will be well above normal for at least the next week, meaning any precipitation will fall as rain, said Brad Ketcham, a meteorologist for the weather service.

That hasn’t been the case everywhere in the Sunflower State, though.

Central Kansas and the I-70 corridor have recorded several nice snowfalls this winter, Ketcham said.

“That’s good for the winter wheat crop,” he said.

Even southwest Kansas has received some healthy snowfalls. Dodge City’s winter total of more than 9 inches is still below normal, but not by much.

That makes Wichita’s scarcity of snow more noticeable.

Except for a snowfall event spanning New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day that totaled more than 2 inches, Wichita’s snow has “just been little bits that kind of added up,” Ketcham said.

It’s still possible that a substantial snowfall could bring this winter’s totals close to normal for the season. February has provided many significant snowfalls in Wichita’s history.

But Ketcham’s not optimistic.

“We’re staying in this dry pattern,” he said. “If I had my guess, I’d say we’ll probably stay below normal for the rest of the season.”