Gas prices jump for second time in a week in Wichita

Gas prices in Wichita are on the rise again, posting their second increase of 10 cents or more in less than a week.

Prices jumped 10 cents at many locations to $3.39 overnight Friday.

On Tuesday prices climbed from $3.11 in some places to $3.29 in a majority of locations.

The average price of gas in Wichita was last under $3.00 on Jan. 16, according to

While the jumps have been dramatic in the short term, the prices are following a similar pattern to 2012, when after bottoming out near $3.00 on Jan. 1, 2012, they rose to a springtime high of $3.75 a gallon in April.

Much of the recent spike has been attributed to terrorist actions in Algeria, along with turmoil in Egypt and Israeli tension with Syria, pushing up oil prices. The U.S. economic recovery, despite stalling in the fourth quarter, also could boost demand and tighten supplies.

Contributing: Kansas City Star

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