Little Bluestem grass selected as Wildflower of the Year

Just in time to celebrate Kansas Day – which is today – the Kansas Native Plant Society has named the Little Bluestem grass as its Wildflower of the Year.

Following in the tradition of Kansas symbols such as the sunflower, the western meadowlark and the cottonwood tree, Little Bluestem grass was selected as one of the state symbols by the Kansas Legislature in 2010. Little Bluestem grass is found in all 105 counties of Kansas.

A news release issued by the Kansas Native Plant Society said the grass was chosen because “of the pleasing image of Little Bluestem in all seasons, and its ability to withstand drought. … In its natural setting, the spring grass provides grazing for bison, antelope and cattle.”

Know how to spot Little Bluestem? It is a clump grass that usually grows between two and four feet tall. This time of year, the Little Bluestem grass has turned the prairie into a rich copper color.