DA warns about ‘phishing’ scams in Sedgwick County

“Phishing” scams are targeting consumers in Sedgwick County, the District Attorney’s Office said Friday.

The office said in an e-mail that it has received “numerous complaints from consumers reporting they received an e-mail from Amazon which describes a recent purchase of a television or other item being shipped to somewhere other than the address of the consumer. The consumers had not purchased anything from Amazon. These e-mails are not from Amazon. This is what is known as a phishing scam and is designed to get your Amazon account number and login information,” the DA’s office said.

“You should never click links in a suspicious e-mail, even if the e-mail doesn’t contain an attachment. The links may have identifiers that tell the sender your e-mail address is valid so they can send you more spam, or the sites they go to may attempt to trick you into giving up your personal information (like your password) or try to install malicious software on your computer.”

For more information about protection from such crimes, call the Consumer Fraud and Economic Crimes Division of the District Attorney’s Office at 316-660-3653 or visit the DA’s website at