National Weather Service: Isaac's remnants may bring heavy rains to Wichita this weekend

Residents of Kansas should pay attention to what Isaac does this week, a local weather official said, because the storm’s remnants could unload on the Sunflower State by this weekend.

One forecasting model has the storm pushing up into eastern Kansas, bringing potentially flooding rains to the Wichita area, said Chance Hayes, warning coordination meteorologist for the National Weather Service in Wichita. Another has the rains missing Kansas but reaching Kansas City.

“Keep an eye out,” Hayes said.

If the computer model proves accurate, he said, the remnants of Isaac should reach the Wichita area by Friday or Saturday.

AccuWeather Vice President Mike Smith is skeptical that Isaac will affect Kansas.

“Atlantic hurricanes don't get us,” Smith said.

The jet stream routinely pushes the remnants east before they get far enough north to reach Kansas.

“Our far better chance is a hurricane that comes up in the Baja (of California) and then into Kansas,” Smith said. “That’s where we get our hurricane rains.”

Smith said updated computer models indicate Kansas won’t see rain from Isaac, and he’s convinced later models will merely reaffirm that forecast.