Activists hand out "pink slips" assailing Romney and Ryan on jobs

Jan Swartzendruber passes out anti-Romney/Ryan "pink slip" to a passing motorist.A handful of activists associated with gathered at the corner of Rock Road and Kellogg Thursday to pass out “pink slips,” outlining what they say would be job-killing consequences of electing Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan as president and vice president.

Darting in and out of the rush-hour traffic, the activists passed out their slips headlined — “You’re fired!” — to passing motorists.

The slips said that experts project that a budget plan Ryan proposed in Congress, which Romney has embraced, would cost the nation 1 million jobs and lead to more outsourcing.

They also put the pink slips on windshields outside a nearby bank building where Rep. Mike Pompeo, R-Wichita, has his local office — until they were ordered by a property manager to stop.

“We’re trying to make a difference,” said Elizabeth Bishop, a former planning commissioner who is active in local politics. “It’s a very, very red state, but there’s lots of blue dots. Every now and then we blue dots want to make some noise and let people know we’re here.”

The local event was part of a national “Pink Slip Day” organized by MoveOn, a political group associated with liberal billionaire George Soros.