Andover schools’ local option budget increase passes by 2 votes

The Andover school district’s local option budget increase passed — by two votes.

Sedgwick County completed its canvassing of provisional ballots Thursday afternoon and officially counted 847 votes for the issue and 733 against. When added to Butler County’s final results, the local option budget increase passed, 1,591 to 1,589.

Mark Evans, superintendent for Andover schools, said he was pleased with the results.

“It’s a win-win situation,” Evans said. “Not only are we restoring positions, but we are lowering taxes for our residents.”

Evans said the district will hold a special board meeting Monday to present the list of positions the local option budget increase will restore. After the positions are approved, all will start this year. Some of the coaching positions will start immediately, Evans said.

The local option budget increase will generate more than $430,000 for the school district and will fund faculty, coaching and support staff, among other things. The mill levy will also decrease 2.5 mills. It would have decreased 3 mills if the issue had failed.

On election night, the local option budget increase had failed in Butler County, 851 to 732, but passed, 831 to 719, in Sedgwick County.

On Monday, after Butler County’s canvass, the vote was tied. The final numbers in Butler County were 856 votes against the increase and 744 for it.

After Sedgwick County’s canvassing, an additional 16 yes votes and 14 no votes broke the tie.