Man, woman use city bus to escape after altercation

She went to her estranged husband’s house to gather some belongings late Wednesday morning.

But he wasn’t pleased that she had left him, so as the 28-year-old woman was departing her husband grabbed her and pulled her back into his house in the 1000 block of South Christine, southeast of Lincoln and Edgemoor, Lt. Doug Nolte said.

The woman’s 22-year-old boyfriend, who was waiting outside for her, saw what happened and kicked in the front door. He was able to wrest the woman free from her 29-year-old husband and they ran from the house, Nolte said.

They didn’t have a car, so they used another form of transportation to get away: a city bus.

They told police they waited several hours to call 911, Nolte said, because they needed to charge their cell phone first.

No arrests have been made in the case, though the incident remains under investigation.