Burglar arrested after returning to crime scene on bicycle

He just couldn’t stay away, and it cost him.

A man who abandoned his burglary when he was spotted by one of the home’s residents early Friday morning was arrested when he rode by the same house on a bicycle about an hour later, police said.

The home owner spotted and recognized him as he was talking to police who responded to the 911 call at 2125 E. Ninth, just west of Grove, shortly before 6 a.m. Friday, Lt. Doug Nolte said.

The 32-year-old man had broken into the basement of the house and was accumulating items he wanted to steal when the noise he was making awakened the 39-year-old man who lives there with his wife and three children, Nolte said. The resident went to check on the noise and scared off the burglar.

The discovery of a discarded lawn trimmer suggests the man rummaged through the garage next to the house as well, Nolte said.