Man arrested in shooting that killed 49-year-old Wichitan

A 32-year-old man is being held on suspicion of second-degree murder in a weekend shooting death in south Wichita, police said Monday.

Police plan to present the investigation to prosecutors later this week for possible charges. The suspect is being held in jail under a $250,000 bond.

Just after midnight Friday, officers responding to a report of the shooting near the 100 block of East 44th South found Robert Gammon lying in a canal behind a house. Gammon, 49, was pronounced dead at a hospital after being shot about four times, police Lt. Randy Reynolds said.

There had been an argument involving Gammon’s son and his friend and others, including the alleged shooter, earlier in the day over some property, Reynolds said. The son and friend are in their early 20s.

Later, the son and his friend heard a noise behind Gammon’s home, alerted Gammon, then two people who allegedly came onto his property fled and tried to hide in the grass along the canal, Reynolds said. A verbal exchange occurred before the shooting, which happened about 150 yards from Gammon’s house. Gammon was armed with a pellet gun that looked like a real firearm, Reynolds said. The man who is accused of shooting him had a handgun, he said.

The property in dispute involved gasoline and possibly a stolen mini-bike.

Police were not called until after the shooting, Reynolds said. Although police understand that people want to protect their property, he said, “Unfortunately tragedies can happen when you do that.”

It’s safer to call police and let them handle it, he said.