Homes damaged by tornado west of Harper

A tornado damaged multiple homes west of Harper in Harper County tonight, officials say.

“There is some pretty bad damage to a farm house, and a couple of other homes were damaged, too,” said Scott Smith, a meteorologist with the Wichita branch of the National Weather Service. “One home has a roof ripped off.”

Numerous trees were uprooted by the rope tornado as well, he said.

“It looks like the tornado was on the ground for a good while,” Smith said. “We’re probably going to have teams going out tomorrow to look at the damage.”

This photo of the tornado near Harper was taken by Michael Fonfara with Cloud 9 Tours.

No injuries were reported in connection with the tornado damage.

Oil wells and storage tanks were damaged by a tornado on the Harper/Kingman county line, and tree lines also were struck, spotters reported. The Storm Prediction Center had logged 20 reports of tornadoes in Kansas by 8 p.m. Saturday – all of them southwest or west of Wichita.

Most tornadoes reported were weak and short-lived, Smith said, but obviously the one west of Harper was stronger than a landspout. Storm chasers were posting impressive photos of tornadoes in Kingman County on Twitter and Facebook.

Hail larger than baseballs was reported early Saturday evening in Kingman.