Wichita Swim Club says temporary pool closing due to chemical imbalance

The Wichita Swim Club said Friday it has temporarily closed its pool because of a chemical imbalance.

The club provided an e-mail statement Friday afternoon from general manager Brian Kupferer saying: “Normal efforts to bring the water back in balance were ineffective. This imbalance was causing the chlorine to dissipate at a higher rate than normal.”

The statement said the club has “called in a specialist to help us get the pool back to a normal state and online as quickly as possible. Every effort is being made to assure the safety of the members and patrons of the WSC. We appreciate everyone’s patience in the process.”

The city received a complaint Thursday morning that the club pool had turned greenish, said Shawn Maloney, the city’s interim division manager over environmental health. There were no reports of anyone becoming ill, Maloney said.

The city sent out an inspector, whose initial check indicated that the chlorine level was too low to meet city codes, he said. The club agreed to close the pool until the chlorine, which is used to disinfect, was back to an acceptable level, he said.

The website describes the club, at 8323 E. Douglas, as a nonprofit organization “dedicated to competitive swimming serving swimmers from all over the Wichita and south central Kansas area.”