Woman reports escaping KC home after two days of torture and sexual assault

A dinner date invitation turned into a two-day ordeal of torture and sexual assault for a 48-year-old Kansas City woman, according to Jackson County prosecutors.

The attack ended when the naked woman climbed out of a window and ran to a neighboring house, according to details revealed Thursday in court documents charging a 56-year-old man.

Carey J. Clark made his first appearance Thursday in Jackson County Circuit Court, where he faces charges of kidnapping, forcible sodomy and two counts of attempted forcible rape.

The woman told police that she met Clark at a nightclub and exchanged phone numbers.

On May 10, she accepted his invitation to go out to dinner, and he picked her up at a relative’s house. But he said he had to stop by his house because he had forgotten his credit cards.

After inviting her inside, he locked the door, then punched and kicked her, she told police.

According to court records, he called her a whore and threatened to kill her if she didn’t have sex with him. She said he continued to physically assault her, duct-taped her mouth and shocked her numerous times with an electric stun gun.

The abuse allegedly continued throughout the next day. Clark was using the drug PCP, the woman said.

He told her that he was related to a Kansas City man convicted of killing prostitutes and that he also wanted to kill whores, according to the allegations.

On Saturday, Clark told her that he was going to get something to eat and that when he got back, she either was going to have sex with him or he was going to use the stun gun on her genitals, she told police.

After he left, she removed a window screen and escaped.

A neighbor told police she saw the woman wrapped in a sheet running toward her screaming for help. Police officers said the woman had numerous bruises and red marks. A hospital treated her for injuries that included trauma to her anus, according to the court documents.

The woman identified Clark’s house in the 5900 block of Agnes Avenue as the assault location. After obtaining a search warrant, police found the woman’s clothing, keys and jewelry there.

Police arrested Clark on Wednesday. His bond is set at $150,000.

Clark is on probation in a Lafayette County drug case, according to court records. Prosecutors there filed a motion Thursday seeking to have his probation revoked.