Burn ban covers everything but barbecue grills

Wichitans are barred from burning anything outdoors but food on a grill during April. It’s the second year for a burn ban that the state imposed to lessen pollutants in the air during a month when a lot of grassland burning is done in the Flint Hills.

While the use of chimeneas and firepits is allowed out in the county during April, such burning is not allowed within the city limits of Wichita, fire marshal Brad Crisp said Monday. “When we declare a burn ban, we ban everything but barbecue grills. It makes it a little clearer for our residents,” Crisp said.

The ban is placed on Sedgwick County and counties in the Flint Hills north to Kansas City. If ozone levels in the area exceed federal standards, the federal government can impose restrictions on such things as highway construction and vehicle idling, the statement said.