East Wichita shooting may be linked to domestic violence case

A shooting in east Wichita on Monday — which led to the Police Department’s SWAT team being deployed — is likely linked to a case of domestic violence, which occurred earlier that morning, police say.

Wichita police Sgt. Bart Brunscheen said at least one man was driving up to the house in the 3100 block of East Waterman around 11:30 a.m. Monday when he was fired at by a gunman standing outside. Police think the shooting is connected to a domestic disturbance that occurred shortly after 11 a.m. Monday in the 2000 block of South St. Clair in south Wichita, Capt. Hassan Ramzah said.

At least two people, a man and a woman both in their early twenties, were involved in the South St. Clair incident, according to a Sedgwick County dispatcher. Neither person had a weapon at the earlier incident, Wichita police Lt. Doug Nolte said.

Officers arriving at the report of the shooting saw the man who had been shot at fleeing on a motorcycle, Ramzah said. He was stopped by police on Hillside near English and questioned. The man told police another man had shot at him from near the house.

The 38-year-old was not injured, although a stray bullet hit a car traveling north on Hillside, which is near the house. The 54-year-old female driver was not hurt.

Witnesses told police they saw the two men run into the house on East Waterman, which prompted a call for the SWAT team. They entered the house, searched it and found no one, Ramzah said.

Police are looking for the gunman — a man in his twenties — who was seen by witnesses leaving the scene of the shooting in a black Cadillac, driven by another person, Brunscheen said. Police say the man is also a suspect in the domestic violence case.

As of Monday afternoon, no one had been arrested. Police say they think the man who was shot at and the suspect in the shooting know each other.

The shooting was not a drive-by, as reported earlier in the day.

“It was more of a disturbance where this guy followed this guy to his house and the shooting took place in the driveway,” Brunscheen said.