Police find 30 stolen credit cards in gas station trash can

Police recovered around 30 stolen credit cards in the trash can of a gas station near 13th and Woodlawn on Friday morning, said Sgt. Bruce Watts. Police suspect that the cards were stolen from cars in neighborhoods near Douglas and Rock and Douglas and Webb and used to buy gas.

Watts said that a man called police between 8 and 9 a.m. Friday and said he had watched a man making phone calls and then distributing credit cards to people who drove up to the gas station, a set of unattended auto-pay pumps not attached to a convenience store. The people would fill their tanks, then throw the cards in the trash.

The caller said that he’d been a victim of one of the break-ins and that a police officer friend of his told him that stolen cards often were used at that gas station. He went on Friday morning to check it out.

When police arrived, they found around 30 cards in the gas station’s trash can.

No one has been arrested, but police have identified possible suspects, Watts said.