City of Wichita produces a video in response to Jimmy Kimmel's Wichitawesome spoof of the city

WICHITA — Take that, Jimmy Kimmel.

The city of Wichita has produced an official response to a recent skit on Kimmel's show that spoofs the city as a "Wichitawesome" place for spring break.

The video itself isn't so official, though. Instead, it takes off on a spring break theme where a cardboard cutout Jimmy Kimmel gets drunk off a beer bong at an Old Town bar, vomits by the Arkansas River and gets some handsy treatment from a TSA agent at the airport.

"It went right there to the edge, but it does have natural attention, and individuals are looking at it," Mayor Carl Brewer says.

He says staff in the city manager's office, including spokeswoman Lauragail Locke, produced the video. Brewer first saw it Tuesday. By this morning, it had 3,000 hits.

Brewer says if he and City Council members had produced the video, "we'd probably have been a lot more conservative than that, but then if we had done it, we'd have a lot less than 3,000 hits."

Locke says she hears the video went over well at "Jimmy Kimmel Live!"

"So I think we were on the mark," she says. "Our goal was to produce a video that would appeal to his late night talk show television audience in the hopes of getting on national TV. ... "We just want to draw more attention to our city and show that we are a fun place, and we have a lot to offer." Locke says the main point is to invite Kimmel here.

She adds, referring to the city's cable network, "It was definitely not meant for a City7 audience."

The mayor's response was to call Kimmel staff member Sarah Robe, a former Wichitan, and invite the talk show host to town. That's when he learned that "many of the staff there thought Wichita was a fictitious city."

"She had to educate them and tell them no, whoever did it did their homework, and it was a real city."