City of Sedgwick wants to be entirely in Harvey County

The city of Sedgwick wants to move out of Segwick County.

Sedgwick County Commissioner Richard Ranzau told his colleagues Tuesday that Sedgwick leaders had asked him to consider allowing it to move entirely into Harvey County. It now straddles the two counties.

That would require changing the boundaries of county lines. Most of Sedgwick is in Harvey County, but a small portion of it is south of the county line.

“They feel like more part of Harvey County anyway,” Ranzau said. “They don’t feel like they’re on Sedgwick County’s radar.”

Neither Sedgwick’s city administrator nor its mayor was available for comment Tuesday. The city was incorporated in 1872 and has a current population of 1,650.

Economic development is a driver for the request, Ranzau said. There’s an industrial park in Sedgwick on the Sedgwick County side that Sedgwick officials feel could be better promoted by Harvey County, Ranzau said.

Commissioners took no action on the issue at their regularly weekly meeting Tuesday with staff. Ranzau said he raised it because “if we’re going to proceed, staff needs to be thinking about issues that could come up.”

Changing the county’s boundary lines would require an election or action by the Kansas Legislature.

Ranzau asked his colleagues and staff if there were any “show stoppers” that would prevent them from considering Sedgwick’s request. It’s unclear at this time how much property tax money the county could lose.

A majority of commissioners didn’t seem in favor of taking on the issue.

Commissioner Dave Unruh said after the meeting that there are other communities in Sedgwick County, such as Mulvane, that straddle two counties.

Board chairman Tim Norton said instead of “giving up the city and messing up our boundaries,” Sedgwick County should work with Sedgwick to resolve some of its concerns, which include drainage.