Wichitan to appear on ‘Let’s Make a Deal’

Wichita native Todd “Corbin” Aspegren will appear Wednesday on “Let’s Make a Deal.”

“My friends and I got tickets, so we took the day off and decided to go,” Aspegren said. “A group of friends and I make going to TV shows our hobby.”

On the show, contestants must decide whether to accept deals the host offers them or hold out for better deals. Undesirable items known as “zonks” are offered to unsuspecting contestants.

He dressed as a No. 2 pencil when he attended the show, a stunt to increase his chance of being chosen as a contestant. It helped him meet host Wayne Brady.

“Wayne called me down to do a deal, so I got to meet him and talk, then went on to play the game,” he said. “He’s a very cool and down-to-earth guy.”

While Aspegren can’t say what he won, he says everyone who tunes in will see a funny and entertaining performance.

“There was a couple of embarrassing moments for me, but as a theater major, dressing up and the high energy was right up my alley,” Aspegren said.

Aspegren left Wichita in August to attend Azusa Pacific University in California to study film. His family lives in Wichita.

“Let’s Make a Deal” airs at 2 p.m. Wednesday on CBS and KWCH, Channel 12.