Northeast Wichita woman shot to death in front of children

Genaro Ruvalcaba was working on a car at a house near 13th and Grove on Saturday when he heard a couple across the street arguing.

And then it happened quickly in front of him – and in front of three of the woman’s screaming children.

According to accounts from Wichita police, witnesses and emergency dispatchers, a 28-year-old man chased a 30-year-old woman from a house into the street in the 1300 block of Grove.

It was around noon, near a busy intersection. More than 10 people saw it as the man shot her multiple times, in her head and abdomen. She was pronounced dead at a hospital. Police said they could not yet provide her name.

The man, reportedly her husband, was arrested after the first officer who arrived saw him standing over the woman and holding a gun, police Capt. Jeff Easter said.

Later, neighbors saw police escort the tearful children away.

Through a Spanish-speaking interpreter, Ruvalcaba recalled the flurry of actions he heard and saw: The woman and a boy and girl, around 6 to 8 years old, came out of the front door followed by the man. (Police said later that three children were involved.)

Beginning with the first shot he fired at the woman, the man yelled for the children to “Move out of the way.”

Ruvalcaba counted three to four shots.

The children were screaming.

As the man caught up to the woman, he fired into her body at close range.

After the gunfire, as she lay in the street, he talked on a cellphone.

Police moved in quickly.

Easter gave this account: When the first officer arrived, the man, who had been standing over the woman’s body with a gun in his hand, began to jog toward a store parking lot next door, where several people had gathered.

As the officer chased the man and ordered him to drop the gun, he turned around to face the officer and held the gun pointed to the ground. He dropped it before being arrested.

Police blocked Grove for about a block south of 13th and strung crime scene tape from the front door of the house to a sidewalk across the street.

Later that afternoon, the front door from which the woman had fled flapped back and forth as the wind gusted.

Near the crime scene tape on the north side of the house, a small revolver lay in the grass, near a cellphone.

The phone was flipped open, lit up and playing music.

The woman’s family said she has nine children, Easter said.

Into the afternoon, one by one, women walked up to the yellow tape encircling the house.

Many of them were crying.

Some of them walked away shaking their heads.