Witness describes argument, stabbing in Collins murder trial

Catie Collins sat in tears, talking to detectives hours after she’d stabbed Boston Sicard.

Collins, 22, watched a video of that interview Wednesday, along with jurors who will decide whether she intentionally killed Sicard or acted out of fear to protect herself.

But as Collins talked to Wichita police detectives Rick Craig and Rob Chisholm the morning of Sept. 11, 2010, Collins couldn’t remember exactly the moment she stuck Sicard with the blade.

“Have you ever stabbed anyone before?” Detective Rick Craig asked Collins, then 20.

“No,” she said.

Wouldn’t that be memorable?

“I’ve never hit Detective Chisholm before,” Craig said. “If I reached over right now and hit him, I’d remember it.”

“I really don’t remember,” Collins said in the video.

Collins wasn’t the only one who couldn’t remember what they did or saw that morning.

Kati Owens trembled and cried as she testified about watching her friends argue, then seeing Sicard stagger off from the west Wichita apartment complex, bleeding to death.

Owens, 18, struggled to remember what happened that morning 13 months before. Her testimony in court differed from what she told police.

Collins and Owens both remembered that an argument started over another woman.

The two women and some other friends met up with Sicard at a party near Central and Waco. They all knew each other from Derby High School.

When the women returned to Collins’ apartment near Central and Ridge, Sicard went with them.

Owens testified that she and Sicard sat outside, smoking. She remembered Sicard talking about a close friend of hers that he liked. Collins joined them. Owens said Collins didn’t like the woman they were talking about and began making disparaging remarks about her.

“I flicked him on the face,” Collins told police. She said she did it as a teasing gesture.

Owens told prosecutor Trinity Muth on Wednesday that she saw Collins punch Sicard “four or five times” with a closed fist.

But under cross-examination from defense lawyer Laura Shaneyfelt, Owens acknowledged telling police that Collins hit Sicard “a couple of times” and that “they weren’t big hits.”

Collins told detectives that after she flicked Sicard, he pushed her.

“You don’t do that,” Collins remembered saying. She told police, “I’ve been in abusive relationships with men before.”

Collins said she punched Sicard in the face. Sicard then pushed Collins to the pavement, she told detectives, and began choking her until she couldn’t breathe.

Owens testified she saw Sicard push Collins to the ground and hold her hands to keep her from hitting him.

"Did you ever see Boston physically assault her or pull her hair?” Muth asked.

"No,” Owens said, crying.

“You told detectives she couldn’t talk, ‘because she was just smothered by his hands,’ isn’t that right?" Shaneyfelt asked.

"Yes,” Owens answered.

Collins told police: "He let me up when I was about to pass out.”

She said she then went inside her apartment and grabbed a knife. Both Owens and Collins said that took about 20 seconds.

On Wednesday, Owens didn’t remember seeing the knife. She did see Collins jab toward Sicard.

“I’m bleeding,” she remembered Sicard saying. He then ran down the hill of the parking lot, toward a bowling alley and the Valero convenience store, where passers-by found him not breathing.

By plunging a kitchen knife more than four inches under Sicard’s left collarbone, Collins pierced a major artery to his heart, county coroner Jaime Oeberst testified.

The trial continues today.