State marketing campaign aims to recruit adoptive families

TOPEKA — The state plans to use $300,000 in federal funds to recruit adoptive parents for some of the children in state custody who are the most difficult to place, Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services Sec. Rob Siedlecki said today.

Siedlecki said it’s difficult to find families who want to adopt kids who are age 8 and older, are in a minority group, have a disability or want to stay with siblings, he said. The marketing campaign will help find more parents to take those children in, he said.

About 900 children are available for adoption in Kansas, though many live with a relative or a foster family that plans to adopt. About 420 of those children are searching for families on sites such as, according to SRS. Adoptions through the state are free, legally secure and available for state subsidies, Siedlecki said.

“These 400 children really are alone, and they need our love and attention,” he said, before showing a public service announcement that will be shown statewide.

During the 2011 fiscal year, 761 adoptions were finalized statewide. Since the 2012 fiscal year started in July, 178 adoptions have been finalized for children in state care, according to SRS. The agency has set a goal of 800 adoptions by the end of the fiscal year.