Wichita extends deadline for haulers to submit trash plans

WICHITA — The deadline for residential trash haulers to submit a plan on how they will conform to new city regulations has been extended to Nov. 18, although haulers won't be penalized as long as they have their proposals in by the end of the month.

The original deadline was Nov. 1. But because the new plan wasn't finalized until the City Council approved it Oct. 11, city officials pushed the deadline back.

The extension was done "as a courtesy, especially to small haulers given their busy schedules and small administrative resources," Corinne Bannon, who is overseeing the trash plans for the city, said Thursday.

She said Nov. 18 was the "preferred" deadline, but proposals would be accepted through Nov. 30 without penalty.

Six haulers have submitted plans so far, Bannon said. Seventeen companies are licensed to haul trash in Wichita, according to city records.

After more than a year of discussion, the city adopted a new residential pay-as-you-throw trash plan that allows the free market to rule.

It requires haulers to offer single-stream recycling and an option of smaller containers. Haulers must submit a plan to the city showing how they will adhere to those regulations, and the plans must be approved by the city.

The plans do not take effect until November 1, 2012.

Prices and the size and kinds of containers the haulers use are up to the haulers.