Dog on Kellogg backs up Thursday morning commute

John and Kristi Zukovich were driving westbound on Kellogg near Towne East Square on Thursday morning when traffic slowed.

Doggone it.

"You could see lights and that everyone was merging into the two right lines," Kristi Zukovich said. "Then we saw the highway patrol."

Ugh, she thought to herself. It was about 7:45 a.m. People were trying to get to work.

"Is there a big wreck ahead?" Zukovich wondered on her way downtown, where she and her husband work for Sedgwick County.

Then they saw a Wichita Police Department officer "driving really slow with his lights on."

Between the police car and the barrier on Kellogg was a German shepherd.

The dog had stopped traffic.

"He was kind of trotting along like there was nothing wrong with what he was doing," Zukovich said.

The police officer appeared to be trying to keep the dog from being hit and from causing accidents on the busy commuter route, she said.

"The police car was in the far left lane next to the barrier kind of trailing the dog," Zukovich said. "Cars were in the middle and right lanes."

Another motorist got ahead, pulled over to the shoulder and opened his car door to try to catch the dog.

"I think it must have spooked the dog because he darted behind the guy's car and almost into traffic," Zukovich said.

The police officer put his siren on, "and the dog went right back over into his lane," she said.

The dog was wearing a collar.

"He looked like a really, really nice dog," Zukovich said.

Animal control officers tried to catch the dog, but it got away. As of Thursday afternoon, they said no one had reported finding the shepherd. Another eyewitness said she felt sorry for the dog because he seemed so nervous after a while.

Motorists did a good job of keeping their cool, Zukovich said.

"Everybody was really good, slowed down and moved over," she said. "It didn't appear to anger people."

Zukovich said she figured people thought, "Oh! It's not a wreck. It's a dog."