Rain revamps Valley schedule; Shockers' second game pushed back

OMAHA — Weather is threatening to throw the MVC Tournament schedule into disarray.

Tuesday's Creighton-Bradley game was postponed until Wednesday at 9 a.m., pushing back all of the other scheduled games by several hours. The schedule calls for games to begin 45 minutes after the conclusion of the previous game.

On top of that, the forecast calls for a 70 percent chance of rain Wednesday in Omaha.

"The weather forecast is not particularly good," MVC associate commissioner Joe Mitch said. "We'll have some major decisions to make as to when we pick up the schedule."

Mitch said it is possible to play five games, one more than originally scheduled, today if the weather cooperates and games move quickly. The tournament could run into Sunday if delays continue.

Creighton coach Ed Servais and Bradley coach Elvis Dominguez agreed with the postponement. Neither wanted to waste their top pitchers.

"It makes perfect sense," Dominguez said. "If you get a guy hot, he's done for the night. We were not going to do anything unless we had a two-hour window and they could not guarantee us more than an hour."

The delay could spoil some of the advantage Creighton earned by finishing first in the regular season. The Bluejays are forced to play the early game, and could play two games. The loser must turn around and play a late-afternoon elimination game. The winner may or may not play late Wednesday night.

Just as important, Creighton and Bradley likely lose the option of bringing back their No. 1 starter if the championship game is played on Saturday.

"You have worked all year long to get a prime-time game, and now you're right back into that (9 a.m.) game," Servais said. "There's a huge advantage to running out your No. 1 guy out here (Tuesday), and then we don't get to run out guy out until (Wednesday). If indeed we were fortunate enough to get to Saturday, we can't use him."

WSU, originally scheduled to play at 4 p.m. Wednesday, will play the day's fourth game, starting 45 minutes after the end of the Southern Illinois-Creighton/Bradley elimination game.


Bradley vs. Creighton, 9 a.m.

Illinois State vs. Evansville, 45 minutes following

Southern Illinois vs. Bradley/Creighton loser, 45 minutes following

Wichita State vs. Indiana State, 45 minutes following

Missouri State vs. Bradley/Creighton winner, 45 minutes following

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