Report: Intruder with knife demanded sex

WICHITA — Police are investigating a report that a man entered two women's home early this morning and demanded sex while holding a knife.

The intruder left after one of the women yelled for him to leave, a police report said.

No one was injured.

Police Lt. Doug Nolte said it is important for the public to be aware of the incident and for people to take basic precautions like locking and securing doors and windows and leaving outdoor lights on overnight.

The incident was reported at about 3:10 a.m. today in the 1200 block of East Boston, near East Harry and Southeast Boulevard.

The victims, ages 21 and 22, are apparently roommates, Nolte said.

The intruder entered the home by cutting a rear door screen, he said.

Nolte described the suspect as a white male around 20 years old, 5-feet-7-inches tall with a thin build. He was wearing a gray jumpsuit, red beanie and a black and white handkerchief over his face. Anyone seeing someone matching that description should call 911, Nolte said.

Nolte noted that one of the victim's actions — making noise and telling the suspect to leave — is an example of "thinking through the attack."

"Don't stop thinking, even when you're confronted," he said.