Sedgwick County approves higher funding for Project Access

WICHITA — Sedgwick County commissioners approved $250,000 in funding for Project Access by a 3-2 vote this morning.

Project Access helps connect the poor in Sedgwick County with access to health care.

Three weeks ago, the commissioners deadlocked 2-2 on an agreement with the Central Plains Regional Health Care Foundation and Wichita to cooperate on the project. They had voted last August to increase funding for the program from $182,000 to $250,000, a 37 percent increase.

This morning’s  agreement solidified the commitment.

Commissioner Richard Ranzau continued his objection to the increase voted in August. He said funds should come from the private sector at a time the county is trimming its budget.

Ranzau made a motion to fund the program at last year’s level of $182,000, but the motion failed. Karl Peterjohn  was the only other commissioner to support Ranzau’s motion.

Jim Skelton, who was absent for the first vote, supported the $250,000 in funds, as did Tim Norton and Dave Unruh.