Current version of Senate bill would require voter ID in 2012, a year earlier than planned

TOPEKA — The current version of Senate Bill 129 would move up requiring voter ID a year earlier than originally planned, to 2012.

That concerns the League of Women Voters of Kansas. The bill would require new voters registering for the first time to show proof of citizenship, which the league believes is unnecessary.

“We have adequate identification as it is now,” said Ernestine Krehbiel, president of the League in Kansas.

She said requiring birth certificates will put up a hurdle that will turn potential voters away.

“Every married woman who has taken their husband’s name, their birth certificate won’t even match their names,” Krehbiel said.

Requiring a birth certificate, she said, will result in fewer people voting, she said.

“It does not make it safer,” she said of voter fraud.

People will view it as “too much of a burden and decide ‘Well, never mind,’ ” she said.