Moviegoers meet directors at Missouri festival

COLUMBIA | Moviegoers are mingling with documentary directors at this weekend's True/False Film Festival in Columbia.

The festival draws submissions from around the world and takes place in theaters, rock clubs, church halls and college classrooms throughout Columbia.

One film, "Buck," is about a cowboy's soothing method to calm nervous horses. Another film, "The Interrupters," chronicles former gang leaders who detest violence.

Moviegoer Vicki Straub says that although the subjects couldn't be more different, the meaning was the same. She has attended the documentary film festival every year since it started in 2004.

By Saturday night, Straub and her husband, James, had seen nine films. They had 13 on their list.

She says she's a little cross-eyed, but added that "it's a good kind of cross-eyed."