Pathologist testifying in Schneider trial


A jury of 11 will now have to render a verdict at the trial.

Two alternate jurors had previously been released for various reasons. Another jury was dismissed this morning.

Both sides agreed to abide by a verdict of 11. But losing another juror will result in a mistrial.

There was no reason giving for the juror's dismissal today.

9 a.m.

A forensic pathologist is testifying for the defense this morning in the trial of a Haysville doctor and his wife.

Steven Karch, of Berkeley, Calif., is author of the "Drug Abuse Handbook" and "Postmortem Toxicology of Abused Drugs."

He is testifying about the autopsies performed in Sedgwick County on patients of the Schneider Medical Clinic.

Stephen and Linda Schneider are charged with contributing to the deaths of 68 patients at their clinic. Stephen Schneider was a physician and Linda Schneider a licensed practical nurse who managed the clinic.

The are standing trial in Wichita charged with 34 criminal counts relating to the prescribing of painkillers. They are accused of violating the Controlled Substances Act, health care fraud and money laundering.

The trial is in its seventh week.