Wichita BB gun shooting spree damages about 21 vehicles

WICHITA — Three 18-year-old men have been arrested after reports that someone used a BB gun to damage about 21 vehicles, police said today.

The damage occurred on Wichita's east side from around 10 p.m. Monday to after midnight, police Lt. Doug Nolte said.

"It appears that they were just shooting at cars randomly," Nolte said.

Apparently all but one of the vehicles were parked and unoccupied. In one instance, suspects shot at a vehicle being driven on Kellogg, Nolte said. No one was injured.

A 22-year-old woman told police that she was in the 2900 block of East Kellogg about 11:30 p.m. Monday when a white vehicle passed her and she noticed that her car's back window was broken.

Shooting at a moving vehicle with a BB gun is a serious crime — aggravated assault, Nolte said.

As police were responding to the aggravated assault, officers also were receiving other reports of vandalized vehicles. Several cars had been hit in an area around the 2000 block of South Oliver.

Nolte said it's possible there are other instances of vandalism from the shooting spree that have yet to be reported.

The three 18-year-old suspects have been booked into jail.