Raccoon defeats wrestling team's bid for championship

And yet another way a raccoon finds to complicate a human’s life.

In the past I’ve had them tear-apart motors on feeders to get to corn and unscrew the lid of Mason jars to get to chicken livers we had stored for catfish bait.

Now one of the furry bandits costs a North Dakota wrestling team a chance at a regional championship.

Click here to read a newspaper report on the recent event involving a road-killed raccoon that somehow became unkilled after it was put on the wrestling team’s bus.

Officials were later concerned the wrestlers may have been exposed to some disease that could have been passed on to other wrestlers.

OK, so maybe you have to wonder why a coach would let someone put a dead raccoon on the team bus or why someone heading to such  an important competition would even want to put a dead raccoon on their bus.

Fur prices are up some but it’s not like the pelt would have bought everybody on the bus dinner. Raccoon meat is pretty good to eat but it’s not like there was nearly enough meat on that one critter to feed two light weight or one heavy weight wrestler.

You have to wonder if there isn’t more to this story…or at least what was going through the minds of those involved.