Woman found guilty of 10-year-old murder

WICHITA — It took jurors only 38 minutes this afternoon to find Sharon Huddleston guilty of first-degree murder.

Huddleston faces life in prison for the killing Todd Stover 10 years ago in Park City. She returns for sentencing March 4 before Sedgwick County District Judge Ben Burgess.

Prosecutors say Huddleston confessed to injecting Stover, 36, with a lethal dose of insulin because she was angry that he would not help her find a job.

Stover's body turned up in a ditch beside a rural road in Greenwood County in May 2000.

Casey Cotton, Huddleston's attorney, asked the jury to consider a lesser charge of second-degree murder, saying there was weak evidence that the killing was premeditated.

Prosecutors Kim Parker and Matt Dwyer said Huddleston told her sister and a friend days before that she wanted to kill Stover.

That friend, Sharon Edwards, notified police in Missouri last year about how Stover died. Edwards, who was living in Carthage, Mo., said she was in failing health and needed to tell what she knew.

Huddleston and her sister, Rhonda Pischel, were arrested in Joplin, Mo., where they had moved, and extradited back to Kansas to face charges.

Pischel, also charged with first-degree murder, is set for trial in May.