Kansas Citians deal with cabin fever any way they can

Stuck at home with hours to fill, Kansas Citians got downright creative during Tuesday's blizzard by throwing pajama parties, listening to audio books, quilting, making muffins and noshing on gourmet cupcakes they picked up at Cosentino’s before the storm got really bad.

“ hot bath, Baileys and coffee and read me some Prozac Nation,” was the game plan in one household.

One hardy soul caught Robert Mitchum’s “Farewell, My Lovely” on TV between the first and second shoveling of the driveway. (That person should have hooked up with the guy who celebrated shoveling his driveway with a Boulevard Irish Ale.)

A woman in Lenexa marveled that Clear Wireless was “working great, which means I am spending the storm watching Netflix. 30 Rock marathon has begun!”

Too bad more kiddies weren’t watching Netflix, as one guy complained about “little kids on Call of Duty in the middle of the day.”

Back on daytime TV, even Ellen DeGeneres, from her cozy Burbank, Calif. studio, shared her ideas about what her viewers nationwide could do while they hunkered down in the storm. Her first thought: Reconnect with former lovers on Facebook.

Just be sure to erase your tracks, she said.