Parents can now enroll Wichita students online

WICHITA — For the first time, parents who have children returning to Wichita schools in August have the option to enroll their students online.

Online enrollment will allow parents to complete standard enrollment forms, pay for enrollment fees and for school meals and fill out free and reduced-price lunch forms from a computer, according to the district.

The new online enrollment option will help streamline the enrollment process and cut down on printing enrollment forms, spokeswoman Susan Arensman said.

Parents will need a Parent Assist account to access enrollment forms online for their children. Schools sent Parent Assist information home with students. Parents can still get account information from the school, Arensman said.

Some schools will have computers set up on July 6 to allow parents to complete the forms online if they do not have access to a computer.

Most students will still need to visit their schools at the end of July.

Secondary students are required to come to school during enrollment to get their class schedules and ID badges and to sign policy forms. Elementary schools encourage parents to come by to pay for latchkey and pick up information.