Election turnout grows to 7.8 percent

Does a voter turnout of 7.8 percent sound better than 7.7 percent? Probably not.

Nonetheless, the turnout for Tuesday’s primary election in Wichita increased ever so slightly Friday when 75 provisional ballots were certified and counted toward the total.

The official numbers:  Out of the 201,2346 registered voters in Wichita, 15,597 voted. That comes to 7.75 percent. Rounded up it’s 7.8 percent,   Sedgwick County Election Commissioner Bill Gale confirmed.

Thirteen of the 88 provisional ballots didn’t count for various reasons, including some who voted in the wrong precinct. Provisional ballots are cast at the polls on Election Day when questions arise about a voter’s eligibility.

The provisional ballots did not alter the outcome of any of the races, including in the one for City Council District 2. Pete Meitzner still won the second spot to advance to the April 5 general election with 8 votes more than Steve Harris. Charlie Stevens won the primary by 130 votes.

Advance voting in the primary accounted for 24.4 percent of the ballots, or about 3,800 ballots.