Brownback plans summits on growing state's economy

ANDOVER — Gov. Sam Brownback said today he plans to hold a number of governor's summits on key areas to grow the state's economy, including aviation and agritourism.

The summits are planned for the second quarter of this year. Other areas include animal agriculture and renewable energy, including wind.

Each summit will be headed by a Cabinet secretary and will involve stakeholders from across the state.

Speaking to about 150 people at the Andover Rotary Club at Terradyne Country Club, Brownback talked about the summits and how growing the economy was the key to getting Kansas out of financial trouble.

"We're not going to raise taxes," he said. "That's not the way to grow the economy."

Andover was Brownback's first of three stops in two days as he seeks to rally support for his budget proposals and economic plans.

Later today, he was scheduled to go to Independence to address the chamber of commerce. Friday, he will give a noon talk to a coalition of Johnson County chambers.

In Andover, Brownback highlighted several of his proposals for a state that faces nearly a $500 million deficit for the 2012 fiscal year.