Jacob Pullen's X-ray reveals no broken bones

Jacob Pullen woke up in pain and with a swollen wrist Tuesday morning, but that was the extent of his injury.

Pullen, a Kansas State senior guard, hurt his right wrist late Monday during a 75-70 victory over seventh-ranked Texas. He logged 36 minutes, and scored 20 points while predominantly using his off hand in the closing moments.

He had X-rays Tuesday to make sure the injury wasn't more serious, and the examination revealed no broken bones. The Wildcats are classifying the injury as a bruise. He is not expected to miss any practice or games.

When reached by phone, Pullen's father, Jerome, said his son was in good spirits after learning the news and attended his normal slate of classes, insisting on taking a test in one class despite an offer to reschedule.

"I encouraged him to take the test later, but he said he wanted to take it now," Jerome Pullen said. "He told me, 'I've got another test next week in another class and I don't want to fall behind with everything that's going on. I want to take it now so I can keep on top of everything.' He has really matured since high school."

Pullen is averaging 19.7 points for the Wildcats, and has scored 20 or more points in each of their past five games, all victories.


K-State coach Frank Martin was resting comfortably Tuesday after undergoing successful arthroscopic surgery on his right knee to repair torn cartilage. Martin had been limping on the sideline for the past several weeks after injuring the knee while demonstrating a drill in practice.

Martin has been bothered by the knee, which K-State media relations had incorrectly stated as his left, in the past. He is expected to return to practice today and coach the Wildcats on Saturday against Iowa State.