Men arrested after chase ends in Eastborough

WICHITA — A pursuit of two men who police say broke into the Burlington Coat Factory at Eastgate Plaza this morning ended with the suspects nearly slamming into a house in Eastborough.

An alarm at the clothing store went off at 7:34 a.m., Lt. Doug Nolte said, and when officers arrived at the store in the 8200 block of East Kellogg they saw a man carrying clothes out of the store and tossing them into the back of a white Chevy backed up to the rear of the store.

The pickup then took off with officers in pursuit, and the chase continued onto Douglas and into Eastborough. Officers laid down stop sticks, and the driver of the pickup lost control when he swerved around them.

The pickup jumped the curb and went through the front yard of a residence, coming to rest against the house. The two men were arrested, and the clothing recovered, Nolte said.

The pursuit lasted perhaps 10 minutes, Nolte said, but never involved high speeds.

Police are looking into whether the same men are responsible for the Sunday night burglary of Hephner TV and Appliances at 737 S. Washington, he said.