A record low and record high just a week apart in Wichita

It’s been a wacky week for weather in Wichita. How wacky?

Last Thursday morning, the temperature fell to -17 in Wichita, setting a new record low for Feb. 10.

Today, the temperature hit 76, setting a record for Feb. 17.

That’s a swing of 93 degrees from Thursday to Thursday in Wichita.

It’s also just the fourth time in the city’s history that it set a record high and a record low within the space of a week.

Vanessa Pearce, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Wichita, told me the first time that happened in the city was in April 1910, when a record low of 34 was set on the 25th and a record high of 90 was set on the 28th.

In May 1967, Wichita had a record low of 36 on the 21st and a record high of 97 on the 24th.

Finally, a record high of 95 was set on June 2, 1998, and a record low of 46 was set four days later.

Wichita nearly did it again a few weeks ago, when the thermometer hit 72 on Jan. 28 and then fell to -6 on Feb. 3. While the 72 was a record, the -6 was not. In fact, the 70 on Jan. 29 was also a record high for Wichita.

National Weather Service forecasters told me last month that the rest of winter would feature a roller coaster of temperatures. They weren’t kidding.