Federal budget plan doesn't include funds for GSA building in KC

That $20 million or so for design of a new GSA building in downtown KC?

Not in this year’s federal budget being unveiled today.

Neither is any money, obviously, to build a new $240 million headquarters for the General Services Administration now housed out on Bannister Road.

Former Missouri Sen. Kit Bond worked hard on all this. Remember? That’s why he held up confirmation of the new GSA secy in D.C.

Here’s a statement from the GSA this morning:

“Our proposal for a new federal building in Kansas City remains a priority for the GSA.

“We will continue work toward making it a reality. Our GSA project planners will continue, for example, to work to secure and carry out an environmental assessment on a site and to conduct a study of federal agency tenant needs.

“Like all American families, the federal government must start to live within our means so we can invest in the future. We are making tough choices to cut some things we can’t afford right now, while keeping the investments we need to create jobs. The President’s plan puts us on a path to out-innovate, out-educate and out-build the world to win the future.”