Report gives new info on man's fatal stabbing

WICHITA — A police report released today provides new details about an incident Thursday that has been described as a fatal stabbing.

According to the report, the person suspected of stabbing a 38-year-old man drove him to the Wesley West emergency room. The suspect was taken to the police offices, interviewed and released.

On Thursday, police said the man's 38-year-old girlfriend was taken to police offices at City Hall but wouldn't say whether she is a suspect.

Police have yet to release the name of the 38-year-old man, who was pronounced dead at 10:01 a.m. Thursday at the hospital.

He had been taken to the emergency room about 8:45 a.m. Thursday and had been stabbed in the leg, police said.

The incident occurred at a duplex in the 7700 block of West Nantucket, near 13th and Ridge, in west Wichita.