Package brought to Wichita police station prompts evacuation

In the end, it turned out to be harmless — a poster mailed from overseas.

But it caused Wichita police to evacuate the Patrol East substation on Edgemoor, north of Kellogg, for about 90 minutes this afternoon.

Police Sgt. James Krok gave this account: Around 3 p.m. today, a man brought to the station a cylindrical package left in his mail box. The man was suspicious because the tube had what appeared to be foreign words on it, and he didn't see a mail carrier leave it.

"To play it safe," Krok said, police evacuated the station and had the bomb unit do an X-ray examination of the tube.

Meanwhile, postal officials confirmed that a mail carrier had delivered the tube, and the man realized he was due to receive a package.

While the Patrol East station was evacuated, its phones were switched over to the Patrol North station.

The lesson here, Krok said, is that if someone receives a suspicious package, they should alert authorities but not transport the item.