Wildcat Report

No update on Kelly

Coach Frank Martin said he had no update on the status of Curtis Kelly. The senior forward is suspended indefinitely.

Martin said he had conversations with K-State's compliance staff earlier in the day, and hopes a resolution will come in the near future. For the second straight game, Kelly and Pullen (who still has one game to go in his suspension) were not present with their team. Martin said he told both players he did not want to see them until after Christmas.

Their teammates are adjusting in the absence.

"We wanted to play for them," Will Spradling said. "We wish they were with us, unfortunately they're not. With them out, all we can do better is get better and fight through it."

McGruder recovered well

Against UNLV, Rodney McGruder lost part of a tooth while falling to the floor fighting for a loose ball. He played Thursday's game with a fat lip and said he spent much of the past 48 hours at the dentist having a root canal done.

It didn't hurt _ he hit seven three-pointers and scored 24 points.

"I hit a couple shots back-to-back. My jump shot felt really good. When I released it, I felt like it was going in everytime," McGruder said.

_ Kellis Robinett