Settlement awards $3.3 million to family hurt in collapse of carnival ride

The collapse of a carnival ride manufactured in Wichita has resulted in a settlement of more than $3.3 million to a California family who had four children injured in the accident.

San Jose lawyer Robert Allard, who represented the family, said today that the settlement will be paid by the owner of the Yo-Yo ride and its maker, Chance Rides Manufacturing of Wichita.

The Yo-Yo twirls riders in swing-like seats suspended from chains on a hydraulic arm. In May 2008, the ride collapsed at the Calaveras County Fair and Jumping Frog Jubilee in Angels Camp, Calif., injuring 23.

Among the injured were four children of Robert and Deena Milligan of Angels Camp, located near the Yosemite National Forest. One of the Milligans' children, a 14-year-old daughter, suffered head injuries that left her with severe learning disabilities, according to court records.

State investigators found that the owner of the ride, Midway of Fun, failed to properly maintain the ride, resulting in a lock washer failing, causing two lock nuts to come loose, causing the crash.

Allard said Chance Manufacturing was liable, because it failed to properly warn owners of the risk of the lock nut failure, after a similar accident two years before at Six Flags Over Texas.

Chance has since recalled the Yo-Yo ride.

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