Here's the rub: Kansas deer give high sign on a stop sign

Don’t think whitetail bucks are going to let a little thing like a serious shortage of trees stop them from polishing the ol’ antlers and venting a little hormonal frustration.

While pheasant hunting in a wide-open part of Kiowa County we drove by this stop sign that’s obviously been a rub for bucks for several years.

When we found the rub last weekend fresh tracks were beat several inches down into the ground in the dirt around the sign.

The  bucks had pushed on the sign post enough to severely loosen it.

I’ve seen where bucks have rubbed on fence posts a few times and even telephone poles. This is the first time I’ve ever seen them damage county property, though.

Made for an interesting stop.

(After walking about three miles in dense and tall CRP grass I was sure looking for something to let me catch my breath!)