Mother sentenced to 3 years in boy's abuse

WICHITA — A woman who has pleaded no contest to charges that she abused and endangered her 19-month-old son was sentenced today to more than three years in prison.

Harvey County District Judge Joe Dickinson sentenced Katheryn Nycole Dale to 41 months.

Dale had pleaded no contest to child abuse and aggravated endangering of a child, stemming from the March 27 death of her son, Vincent Hill.

With good-time credit, Dale could be free in 34.5 months.

Chad Carr, who was Dale's live-in boyfriend, has pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder, aggravated battery and child abuse in Vincent's death.

Under a plea agreement, Dale is expected to cooperate in the murder case against Carr and to testify at his trial, Harvey County Attorney David Yoder has said.

In a July hearing where Dale pleaded no contest, Yoder said she admitted to investigators that she stuck a fork into her son's mouth in a way that could have caused injuries and that she slapped him on the face and grabbed him under his chin, where he ended up with bruises.

Yoder also said that on the last day of Vincent's life, his mother left him alone for the day with Carr, knowing that the boy was in danger. Carr had in the past hit the boy and stuffed a cloth, rag or shirt in his mouth to stifle his crying, according to testimony.

A deputy coroner has testified that Vincent died from a brain injury most likely caused by suffocation. The brain injury also involved multiple blunt-force injuries, the official said.

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